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Our Story

     Felix and Tita Imperial first met back in 1980 at the Philam Foods in Woodside, Queens. They fell in love and for a couple of years worked together at the store. Tita eventually landed a job working as a chemist for Revlon and would make the daily commute from Queens to Edison, NJ. Along the way, they discovered Staten Island and decided to start Philam Foods in 1985.   

     Since then, Philam Foods has been the Family Grocery Store serving the Community with essential Philippine, American & Asian products and services. These products and services include staple ingredients like Rice, Noodles, Baked Goods, Seasonings, Canned Goods and Cooked Food Items just to name a few. Some of the services we offered were very different back then. We had a sign that read “Be Kind, Please Rewind” which referred to the Filipino Movies we sold in VHS. We also offered Phone Cards so that Filipinos can call their loved ones back home. Over time products and services have evolved with our customers in mind. 

     Months leading up to the pandemic, we were very fortunate to be able to support customers who were panic buying. In addition, we were able to help filipino front line workers, donating to those in need. The support we got from our customers has led to our humanitarian desire to give back to the community. In response, we launched a website Philamfoodsny.com where customers can order and process payment directly online and we will deliver your grocery to your front doorstep.